Fire Cam Optimax Camera

Building on the legendary durability of the Fire Cam line, the Fire Cam Optimax Camera is the next generation of firefighter helmet cameras specifically engineered to perform in the hostile and unpredictable environment of interior firefighting.  The first Fire Cam with a front mount for a first-person point of view.  With 30 more minutes of record time than other Fire Cams, it makes this helmet camera a must-have.

Recording in true 4K resolution at 30FPS,The NEW Fire Cam Optimax Camera® is the newest and best Professional 4K Firefighter Helmet Camera® we have built for interior and exterior firefighting.

  • The Highest Quality Fire Cam 4K Sensor for a perfect video
  • The perfect wide angle view
  • The absolute BEST in low light conditions
  • Optional date and Time Stamp option ON the video

Recording in “TRUE” 4K@30fps, 1080@@120fps or 1080@60fps High Definition, the Fire Cam Optimax makes this fire helmet camera “THE” best we have built for firefighters.

Built to take on temperatures up to 900F for short periods of time, the Fire Cam 4K Optimax is specifically designed for interior firefighters that want to capture incidents for investigation, review or critiquing after the fire.

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