Fire Cam Mini 1080

Recording in 1080p @ 30fps and 720p @60fps High Definition, the Fire Cam 1080 was designed by firefighters to thrive in the unpredictable environment of a working fire.

The Fire Cam 1080 is a rock of durability, this fire helmet camera can take on temperatures upwards of 900F for short periods of time and keep on recording.

  • Higher Quality 1080 HD Sensor for a crisp and clear video
  • A wider angle view
  • Better in low light conditions
  • 20% more battery life than the older model
  • Optional date and Time Stamp option ON the video

Other accessories that come with the Fire Cam 1080 are 2 spare rechargeable batteries, USB cable and charger, waterproof cap (for underwater to 30ft) and water resistant sound cap (for audio).

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