Ferno XTRIC8 Rescue Sled

The Ferno XTRIC8 Rescue Sled is a compact and durable portable stretcher for rescues in different environments including lowland, mountain, confined space and high angle extrications.

The XTRIC8 is equipped with thoughtful features that reduce the time and effort required to package patients while providing traditional functionality and tactical evacuation methods in a user-friendly device.


  • Integrated internal patient harness for enhanced patient security during deployment
  • Reinforced and colour-coded lifting points on the rescue sled coordinates with the customised XTRIC8 lifting bridle
  • Colour-coded lifting bridle is pre-set to provide optimal positioning during horizontal lifts
  • XTRIC8’s buckle system is glove-friendly and designed for efficient attachment and release
  • Reflective webbing for low light visibility
  • Sturdy carry bag sports four generous-sized pockets for additional gear and can also be carried as a backpack

Proudly designed and made in Australia for rescue professionals, the XTRIC8 is supplied as a complete, ready-to-use unit with all necessary hardware included.

Product Code FWE-XTRiC8
What’s in the Box
  • XTRIC8 Rescue Sled pre-rigged with internal patient harness assembly, external restraints, straps and rubber handles
  • Maillon Rapide (1)
  • Customised lifting bridle
  • Storage / Carry Bag with backpack straps
Length x Width 2540 mm x 914 mm (widest point)
  • 7 kg (XTRIC8 sled, rigged)
  • 8.5 kg (XTRIC8 rigged plus bag)
Load Limit – XTRIC8
  • Horizontal – 350 kg
  • Vertical – 250 kg
Load Limit – Bridle 500 kg

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