Ferno XT

The Ferno XT is a revolutionary half size backboard designed for rapid extrication and spinal immobilisation in confined space areas and critical situations. Despite its compact size, the XT extrication board accommodates a wide range of patients and clinical protocols including paediatric, special needs, bariatric and pregnant women.

The Ferno XT is designed for easy application and features four distinctive and highly visible colour-coded restraints and buckles, a Quick Head Immobiliser (QHI), and a smooth surface that slips easily beneath the patient. Four integrated handles are incorporated in the composite fibre board which weighs a light weight 2kg.
The board is 100% x-ray transluscent with a surface that is easy to decontaminate.
Key Features

  • Four hi-visibility colour coded restraints and buckles
  • Lightweight composite fibre board 2 kg
  • 100% x-ray translucent
  • Comes with QHI Quick Head Immobiliser, head/chin strap, storage pouch


Code Description
FWE-XT1/2 Board only
FWE-XTRES Restraint Kit
FWE1/2KIT Board and Restraint Kit
FWE-XT FLOATING Kit for water use – includes:
– XT Board
– QHI Head Immobiliser
– Floating Restraints
– Carry Bag

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