Ferno Rescue Litter Shield

Protect your patient from further trauma during stretcher evacuations and carry outs. The CMC Rescue Litter Shield protects the patient’s face, head and neck from inclement weather, brush, dirt, falling rocks and debris without comprising access to the head for monitoring or treatment. A Litter Clamp for Ferno Model 71 Baskets may be required. FRFW-740012 Litter Shield Clamp for Ferno. Please contact customer services if this item is required.

Quick release straps allow the rescuer to load and maintain access to the patient even while a raising or lowering system is attached to the stretcher.

The unique mounting system fits most stretchers currently in use, and makes the shield easy to transport or stow. It can be swiveled and inverted to lay flat inside the stretcher or removed for separate carrying or storage.

Molded of .476cm thick Lexan, the Litter Shield offers impact resistance with the clarity and weather ability of glass. Patient comfort is also increased since there is no need for additional protective headgear.


Each shield requires one clamp. Order additional clamps for other stretchers or as spares.

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