Ferno POWER X1

The POWER X1 ambulance stretcher offers more power, stability, manoeuvrability and speed than any competitive powered cot.

With an unassisted lift capacity of 318 kg, the POWER X1 is the ultimate solution for both every day and bariatric tranasport. Its industry-leading battery technology provides high-powered, reliable performance on every call.

Enhanced Patient Care, Comfort and Safety

  • Fully compliant with industry safety standards
  • Industry-leading stability at transport height
  • Pneumatic backrest adjusts to a comfortable position for every patient
  • Infinite height adjustment for transferring patients to and from the cot

Improved Handling

  • Shortening feature reduces cot length by 56 cm while four oversized, all terrain swivel wheels increases stretcher manoeuvrability
  • Two height lift bars and grasping surfaces enable easy handling
  • Backrest mounted hook holds equipment to keep your hands free

Industry-leading Power and Speed

  • Powerful battery provides 113 cycles with a 115 kg patient
  • 318 kg unassisted lift capacity reduces the strain of everyday and bariatric transport
Max. Length 203 cm
Min. Length 147 cm
Width 61 cm
Height 112 cm
Load Limit 318 kg
Weight 65 kg

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