Ferno F2 Monobloc

he Ferno F2 Monobloc provides a safe, ergonomic and reliable patient handling solution.

The F2 stretcher’s independent leg design supports the patient’s weight during the loading and unloading process thus reducing strain on medics.

Key Features:

  • Includes telescoping IV pole, sidearms and foot support
  • Independent leg operation
  • Legs unfold automatically when unloading
  • Easy to use colour-coded controls
  • Two loading heights: 560 mm and 600 mm
  • Large 200 mm (8 inch) wheels easily roll over many types of terrain
  • Control end swivel wheel locks
  • Load end fixed wheels and wheel locks
  • Shock frame with contour feature
  • Four x three-position telescoping handles
  • Adjustable six-position backrest
  • Fold-down sidearms
  • Low maintenance design
  • Certified EN1865 and EN1789


Instrument Tray Code 0832158
Three-Point Fastener Code 0573081
Four-Part Mattress Code 031-4193

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