Ferno PRO 28Z Chair Cot

The PRO 28Z Chair Cot – a modern redesign of the classic 28Z PROFlexx® – provides exceptional manoeuvrability and stability. With its specialised ZFrame™ Advanced Positoning, the PRO 28Z effortlessly transforms from a cot to a chair so you can easily navigate confined hallways, narrow staircases and lifts – all without transferring the patient.

  • One-hand release mechanism quickly switches the PRO 28Z between three locked positions: Chair, Intermediate and Cot
  • TipRESIST Advanced Stability technology provides 68^ more tip resistance in the seated position than the 28Z PROFlexx
  • Compact footprint of only 120 cm x 64.5 cm in the chair position
  • Pneumatic backrest adjusts between zero and 85 degrees to allow patients to maintain an upright torso position or lay flat
  • Swing-down sidearms provide patient security and comfort and folds out of the way for patient transfers
  • SAE-compliant Ferno X-Restraints are colour-coded for ease of use
  • All-metal frame construction provides strength, durability and performance with heavy patients
  • Tested in a controlled environment to 10+ years of service
  • Combination of 150mm fixed and swivel wheels enables easy rolling and superior steering control
  • Backrest-mounted equipment hook holds equipment weighing up to 22.6 kg
  • SX Surface Xtenders™ increase the patient surface area by 95%, giving a greater feeling of comfort and safety
  • Flip-out handles provide additional grip points
  • PacRac equipment table
  • Sto-Net storage net, backrest storage pouch and lower hard tray for added onboard storage

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