Ferno 2045 Track Carry Chair with Track

he Ferno 2045 Carry Chair is light in weight and manoeuvrable. The carry / stair chair is sold as a combined kit which includes the chair and the stair track. The track attaches quickly and easily to the chair, instantly converting the Ferno 2045 to a stair chair for controlled transfers down stairs.

The chair removes the need to lift the patient when descending, minimising operator injury risk.  The 2045 chair is designed to fit within the same storage space as our 2040 series chair (excluding track).

The Ferno Stair Track (2045-T) is supplied in a purpose-made carry bag to enable separate storage if desired.


  • Removable tracks eliminate lifting of patients down stairs
  • Can be used without track same as existing 2040 chairs
  • Unfolds instantly ready for use
  • Head end extension for control while wheeling or descending
  • Simple fold out foot end handles provide secure grip
  • Large 175 mm (7″) lockable rear wheels for easy rolling
  • 75 mm (3″) foot end swivel castor wheels
  • Storage pocket for restraints and patient belongings
  • Includes Chest, Thigh and Ankle restraint
  • SWL 150 kg

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