Ferno EZ-Glide™ Evacuation Stair Chair

The EZ Glide Evacuation Stair Chair glides patient loads up to 227 kg down stairs without carrying or lifting.

Large 150 mm wheels and 100 mm front swivel wheels provide superior maneuverability over carpet and in confined spaces such as stairwells and landings. The large seat area is supplied in snap-on ABS plastic panels. Five position lift bar and handles reduce the strain of lifting and provide maximum control for operators of various heights.

The EZ Glide™ Evacuation Chair offers multiple accessories such as padded headrest, rear lift handles, IV Pole and various storage brackets.

The EZ Glide can also be upgraded with the PowerTraxx Retrofit Kit.

Weight  Load
17 kg 227 kg 95 cm 52 cm 23 cm

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