Ferno 531D Chair and Chair Track

The Ferno-made DHS 531D chair has created much interest across emergency services as a lightweight and functional chair with the option to convert into a track chair for negotiating stairs.

Chair Features

  • Extremely light and versatile chair
  • Compact folding eliminates storage issues
  • Extendable rear handles allow for varying height patients
  • Adjustable for correct user-positioning during transport and stair descents
  • Easy clean, fixed ABS seat panels with restraint slots
  • Two rear wheel brakes
  • Large 6 inch (150mm) rear wheels
  • 3 inch (75mm) front swivel wheels
  • Chest and lap restraints included
  • Light weight – 14 kg (chair)
  • The FWE531D track easily attaches to the chair to enable it to be safely used for downstairs transfers

The Ferno 531 Chair Track is designed to fit the 531D Stair Chair for fast, safe evacuations where stairs need to be navigated.

Track Features

  • Fast application reducing evacuation time
  • Ability to maneuvre in tight stairwells
  • Stable ride without pressure on operators
  • 2-Step lock/unlock procedure
  • Detachable for easy transport and stowage
  • Lightweight

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