Elide Fire – Engine & Vehicle – Automatic Fire Extinguishing Ball 400g

The Elide Fire extinguishing ball is a fire safety product designed to provide an automatic response to fires in various settings, including vehicles, engine rooms, and small areas with electrical devices. It weighs 400g and is often referred to as “The Lifesaver.” The ball is intended to be installed above fire-prone areas such as batteries, electric motors, or other potential ignition sources.

Technical information:

  • Fire Rating: 1G including 1A 2B 1C
  • Weight of the extinguishing agent: 400g
  • Diameter: 105mm
  • Automatic Activation Temperature: >280 C
  • Recommend Installation Temperature: -40 C to +85 C
  • Activation time: 3-10 second on contact with the flame
  • Audible warning signal: 120-140 dBA
  • Lifespan: 2 years

How To Use The Elide Fire Ball

Simply install two Elide Fire Small Ball’s above the engine compartment, pipelines, fuel lines or the battery. However do not install it near the exhausting pipes in the engine room because the ball’s may get damaged.

Passive Use

One of the most important advantages of the Elide Fire Ball is that it is triggered automatically in the presence of fire. If placed in high-fire-risk areas, where most fires start, it will automatically activate when it comes in contact with a flame.

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