EasyFix Plus Vacuum Mattress

he EasyFix Plus Vacuum Mattress has been designed to facilitate transfer of patients without cervical collars per recent European medical studies.


  • A unique body shape design to optimise capabilities
  • 20% reduction in storage space required
  • Full body, pressure point free immobilisation
  • Ten carry handles
  • Cross fix restraint system
  • Easy to clean
  • X-ray, CT and MRI transparent
  • Supplied with carry bag, repair kit and pump
  • 250 kg safe working load

In addition to these feataures, the EasyFix Plus’ head, neck and upper back is reinforced into one piece for improved immobilisation capacity when not using a cervical collar. A redesigned head strap system complements these innovative changes. The underside of the mattress has a new, fire retardant, glass fibre layer to reduce friction and increase durability.

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