DoNova PowerLift

Perfect for lifting delicate loads

When DoNova® is used as a lifting chain – besides the spectacularly easy handling – the protection of the load is in focus.

The soft and flexible webbing chain is suited perfectly to lift delicate loads or to protect sensitive surfaces from damages by the lifting device.

The DoNova® PowerLift is as powerful as a lifting chain grade 80 with 13 mm diameter. The 25 mm width webbing made of Dyneema® in a single leg DoNova® PowerLift – textile chain sling reaches a carrying capacity of 5000 kg.

With a 4-leg chain sling the WLL is 10.500 kg. Low weight and best handling is guaranteed.
For lifting asymmetric loads DoNova®-PowerLift can be easily shortened with high strength shackles.

  • up to 85% less weight
  • easy handling
  • easy to shorten
  • non-conductive

Powerhouse DoNova® PowerLift

1-leg 2-leg 3-leg 4-leg
WLL 5.000 kg WLL 7.000 kg (0-45°)
WLL 5.000 kg (45-60°)
WLL 10.500 kg (0-45°)
WLL 7.500 kg (45-60°)
WLL 10.500 kg (0-45°)
WLL 7.500 kg (45-60°)


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