DoNova® PowerLash

Heavy load securement at its best

When used as a lashing chain DoNova® PowerLash challenges the steel chain grade 80 with nominal thickness 13 mm. Certified by Dekra and with a lashing capacity of 10.000 daN even the heaviest loads can be secured easily.

The extreme low weight of DoNova® PowerLash provides for easy handling of heavy duty load securing devices. This enables the handling of longer lashing chains with more than 20 m of usable length even with only one operator.

The flexible textile chain-links can be connected with nearly every high-tensile chain component. In order to shorten the chain a standard high-tensile shackle is sufficient.

This chain is produced in cooperation with DSM and is suitable for heavy use since it is extremely resistant against abrasion, chemicals and seawater.

  • up to 85% less weight
  • protects the load
  • reduces noise
  • more durable since it is extremely abrasion and wear-resistant

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