Decon Gear Bag

The Decon bag was designed after reading and attending lectures on post fire contamination.

This bag is air and water tight to prevent hazardous and carcinogenic substances initiative from further exposure to the firefighter.

Studies have shown that the removal, cleaning and neutralizing of contaminants that have accumulated on personnel’s protective clothing and equipment is critical to health and safety post fire exposure. The contamination reduction movement has educated many on the preventive measures that can be taken to reduce risk and liability.

The Decon Bag is an everyday gear bag that can be used to help protect yourself and others. The bag’s most important use is to limit prolonged exposure to contaminates and off gassing by sealing gear until cleaning protocol can be initiated at the station. The side pocket has a removable “go bag” that is large enough to hold a complete fresh set of station clothing to change into.

Another preventative measure that the Decon Bag can be used for is transportation of gear in personally owned vehicles. Locker storage in the bay has shown that the exhaust from the trucks contaminates gear.

  • Air and water tight material with welded seams.
  • Bag material is chemical, oil, UV and abrasion resistant.
  • A water resistant side pocket is used for a change of clothes, Decon wipes/soap, and footwear.
  • Heavy duty box stitching.
  • A reversible black/red Hook and loop handle can indicate clean or contaminated gear
  • Industrial strength straps and buckles.
  • Large Hook and loop on exterior for personnel or departmental identification.
  • Hard poly side handles to ease overhead lifting.
  • Reflective tape for visibility on scene.

Delta Bravo Turnout Gear Bag

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