Controlco Sump Pillows

Controlco Sump Pillows front-foot potential spills and contamination. Deployed in storm water drains, sumps, tanks, and bilges they stand (or rather dangle) between our precious waterways and contaminating fluids.

Easily deployed, and secured using a robust length of rope, these tubular pillows very efficiently absorb oil, leaving only clean water behind. A very reliable pre-emptive strike or last line of defence, in case of a spill.

Create a safer working environment with Controlco Sump Pillows.


• Handles up to, and including, the most viscous oils
• Reliable last line of defence or as a pre-emptive strike
• Purpose-designed for confined space performance

• Tough mesh outer
• 2250mm rope-looped for securing to grates
• Absorbs up to 4L per pillow
• Dimensions: 130mm x 400mm

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