Controlco Starter Spill Kits

We all have to begin our spill safety journey somewhere. And Controlco Starter Spill Kits are an affordable option if you need to tick that box.

Maybe it’s something you’ve been meaning to do – and know you should – but haven’t got around to it yet. Or perhaps you’re a company that has fairly frequent but relatively minor spills. (We’re not here to judge. It happens.)

This is the easy way to have the basics you’re going to need to safely and compliantly clean up and dispose of the mess. Kits are available for oil only spills or general purpose. General purpose is more flexible and is an ideal option for small automotive businesses or farm workshops farms.

In 20L, 50L, 100L and 200L, they suit companies of all sizes. (The litres are the amount of liquid they’ll absorb, by the way.)

When somethings gets used, remember to replace it. You never know when you might need it next! Contact the Hazero team, they’ll be happy to help.

If your needs are a bit more complex (say, you need to be able to clean-up after spills of mild acids or fuels), and you want to be doubly sure you’re all set up, then the Everyday Spill Kit range is your best bet.

If your site has some seriously harsh and downright dangerous chemicals (we’re thinking sulphuric acid!) then the Premium Spill Kits are a top-of-the-line solution for the ultimate peace of mind.

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