Chemshed Gas Cylinder Stores

As you’ll know, storing and managing gas cylinders safely throws up all sorts of challenges. From compliance, to the risk of fire and explosion, to potential crushing injuries. (Not to sugar-coat it!) On the positive side, Chemshed Gas Cylinder Stores mitigate the risks, through superior engineering and robust safety features including restraint chains and, for bigger cylinders, fold-down access ramp.

All units are manufactured in durable, non-combustible perforated steel which provides the ventilation essential for safe gas cylinder storage. Padlockable doors, as standard, help give extra peace of mind. Available in options from 2 x 9kg capacity right up to 6 x S-size for the big jobs.

Create a safer working environment with Chemshed Gas Cylinder Stores.

• Forkliftable (when empty)
• Large and small cylinder storage
• Two adjustable, removable shelves
• Heavy duty locking systems provides security against theft
• Perforated sheet metal construction
• Built to comply with the requirements of AS4332:2004 and AS/NZ1596:2008
• 2-pack polyurethane paint finish

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