Chemshed Aerosol Stores

Aerosol cans have very real health and safety risks, including fire, explosion and becoming projectiles when damaged, but they also need higher security than many other dangerous goods. The outcome of their theft and misuse not only results in losses for businesses but also impacts the wider community and, often, other companies. That’s a big responsibility. The Chemshed Aerosol Store range covers everyone from small workshops to large aerosol users; no one is left behind. And the stores include extra features like bolt down plates so aerosols are not only safe and complaint – they’re also secure.

Create a safer working environment with Chemshed Aerosol Stores.


• Robust projectile protection for staff safety
• Perforated to comply with ventilation standards
• Practical design encourages compliance
• Lockable to discourage theft or misuse

• Supplied with class 2 decals
• Complies with the design requirements of AS4332-2004

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