Bullard Safety Goggles: SG2FR

Standard EN166

Lens Material:

  • Double lens Inside-Acetate,UV400
  • Outside-Polycarbonate,UV385
  • Cylinder lens provides maximum field of vision
  • Optically correct lens
  • Anti-fog,Anti-scratch
  • High velocity & mass Impact resistance against flying particles

Frame Material:

  • Premium fire retardant
  • Non-vented frame
  • Specific design on the sides of goggle body for wearing over prescription frame

Body Material: TPE+TPU Close fitting goggle with non-ventilation Splash and Dust protection

Part Material: Nylon Clip onto frame body and attach to the headband

Headband Material: Textile Elastic Length adjustable, both elasticity and softness

Headband fixer Material: Polycarbonate Fix the headband

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