Vallfirest Leo System

LEO takes aerial firefighting to a new level. LEO enhaces any fire attack generating a completely expanded and homogeneous Class A foam. Helicopter pilot have full authority over the LEO SYSTEM with a simple and ergonomic lever on the cyclic controling flow and presure as well as pausing and restarting your foam aplication as desired. LEO is equiped with a SMART RELEASE SYSTEM giving the pilot the chance to drop part of the water in case of being overweighted or lack of power, or release the total load of water.


Benefits of Class A foam · Long lasting dispersal · High surface area application · Multi-purpose · Not Hazardous for firefighter personnel · Multiple filling systems · High visibility · Pilot full authority

Fast filling by immersion

700 Liters in less than 4 seconds


Direct attack  ·  Parallel attack  ·  Indirect attack  ·  Fire exposure protection

Fixing maneuver

Accurate Foam / Water Line · Continuous Dump Footprint

Foam stream long lasting dispersal

The benefits of class a foam:

  • Wetting characteristics
  • Greater coverage and cooling
  • Vapor supression
  • Clinging characteristics
  • Durability
  • Degreasing capability
  • High Visibility
  • Water Saving
  • Biodegradable

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