Antari Fire Training Smoke Machine, 1.5Kw, RED

The new FT-100 is the first fog machine / smoke generator from Antari is specifically designed for fire training purposes – applying their experience in smoke cloak and entertainment hazing and fogging technology this is built for the purpose. Intended for fire service training and airline safety training. It is only available in one colour – Fire Engine RED!


Main Features:

1. Two rotary knobs and a LCD screen are equipped on FT-100. These allow users to set and control fog output volume and timer settings with ease, even when wearing heavy-duty gloves.

2. A 1500 Watt heater block is capable of generating high volume thick fog in short time to simulate dense fog at fires.

3. A  W-2 wireless remote controller included.

4. The Fire Engine red paint finish gives FT-100 the identity of being part of fire industry!



– Voltage: Europe/NZ version : 230V 50Hz

– Breaker: AC-230V, 7A/250V

– Power Consumption : 1,500W

– Output : 20000 cu.ft / min

– Initial Heat-Up Time : 10 mins

– Fluid Consumption Rate : 100 ml/ min

– Tank Capacity : 6 liters

– Remote Included : W-2 Wireless Remote

– Control Options : Z-3 Remote

– Weight : 14.2 Kg

– Dimensions (mm) : L 580 x W 278.2 x H 264.5

– Liquid Used : Antari FLP Fog Liquid

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