Paratech Raker Kits

Paratech offers the necessary accessories to convert our LongShore Struts into a fully deployable raker system that is fast, strong and easy to install. Paratech’s innovative Raker accessories and LongShore Struts meet US&R requirements for strength and deployability. The Paratech LongShore System offers unique features and benefits ensuring proven performance every time the system is deployed.

Absolute Raker

Paratech once again sets a new standard, no wood, no pins, no chains…no hassle. The Absolute Raker provides flexibility, functionality, and economy. Never worry about wood again—fully deployable in minutes—or easily turn your existing Paratech Raker into an Absolute Raker, with the Standard to Absolute Upgrade Kit . Inter-operational with all Paratech Rescue Support Systems, as always.

Absolute Flying Raker

Paratech fully mechanical Absolute Flying Raker Sets leave the wood behind. Stronger, faster and easier than wood, the Absolute Flying Raker in 6 ft (1.8 m) or 8 ft (2.4 m) sets, allow rescue teams to build rakers around the rubble pile. Use the Woodless Flying Raker kit upgrade to upgrade a Standard Flying Raker to an Absolute Woodless Flying Raker. Inter-operational with all Paratech Rescue Support Systems, as always.

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