80 Litre Self Contained Portable Eyewash Station

This 80 litre self-contained portable eyewash station is designed to provide a compliant eyewash in areas where mains water is not available, remote applications and where provision of mains water supply is not economical.

It comes complete with wall mount hooks or can also be bench mounted.

Dimensions 610 × 610 × 660 mm
Features The Spill Station H-P401 Self-Contained Portable Eyewash Station is manufactured from food-grade high density polyethylene.
Using gravity to supply a continuous flow of clean water to injured personnel for a full 15 minutes at 1.5 L/min, this model is a reliable source for safety.
It incorporates our “full patterned flushing” to ensure effective response. Simply pull the front panel forward to start the flow of flushing water.
Includes signage, wall mount bracket and one bottle of bacteriostatic water additive.
A wide-fill opening with threaded cap permits easy inspection, cleaning and filling.
Applications Vehicles
Bulk liquid transfer
Battery charging areas
Mineral/energy exploration
Outdoor chemical storage areas

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