Vallfirest – 2 Layers Wildland Firefighter Jacket

This short coat for forest intervention was designed exclusively by the Vallfirest company and features the following characteristics:

· 4 frontal pockets with easy-opening-system designed specially for gloves. One of the pockets can also contain a portable radio transmitter.
· 1 waterproof inside pocket designed specially for documents.
· Velcro to hold your ID on the chest.
· A hooking ring for Radio Transmitter.
· Cuffs can be adjusted from inside or outside.
· Raised collar on the back to ensure nape protection.
· Lapel for neck protection adjustable by Velcro.
· Fixing system for the Vallfirest Mask.
· Central easily-opened zipper, quick and secure.
· Fabric based on Nomex fibers and three-layered 265 gr/cm3 VISCOSA FR to guarantee  a perfect thermal isolation and protection from radiation of its user. Nomex stitched and highly resistant to rubbing and wearing out caused by the forest environment.
· High-visibility reflecting stripes all over the coat.
· Complies to EN 15614/07, EN 13688/13, EN 11612/15, EN 1149-5/08 standards.



  • Traction resistance: 125 / 70 daN
  • Limited flame spread EN532: Sí.
  • Materials: Sglo XXI 260P
  • Grammage: 260 g/m2.
  • Composition: 50% VISCOSA VR. 43% NOMEX. 7% KEVLAR. 2% P140.
  • EN366 radiant heat: C1.
  • Convective heat EN367: B1.

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